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Re: xblite.exe revision 2.41.16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: April 22, 2017, 6:15pm
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Hi Xbliters.

Please find attached the latest revision 16 in xblite_rev16.zip, mainly:
- xblite\xblite.x
- xbdll\xst.x
- xsx\xsx.x
- read_file\read_file.x

You have everything to rebuild the compiler; just rename "_bat.txt" to ".bat" and run the 3 .BAT:
- xblite\BuildXbiteExe_bat.txt for xblite.x
- xbdll\BuildXstDll_bat.txt for xst.x
- xsx\BuildXsxDll_bat.txt for xsx.x.

New are Explicit Integers to described imported data record:

$$INT8                =  2          ' == $$SBYTE : 8-bit integer
$$UINT8               =  3          ' == $$UBYTE : unsigned 8-bit integer
$$INT16LE             =  4          ' == $$SSHORT: Little Endian 16-bit integer (Windows)
$$UINT16LE            =  5          ' == $$USHORT: Little Endian unsigned 16-bit integer (Windows)
$$INT32LE             =  6          ' == $$SLONG : Little Endian 32-bit integer (Windows)
$$UINT32LE            =  7          ' == $$ULONG : Little Endian unsigned 32-bit integer (Windows)
$$INT64LE             = 12          ' == $$GIANT : Little Endian 64-bit integer (Windows)

read_file.x is a test program to test:
- INT32LE (to map to SLONG)
- UINT32LE (to map to ULONG)
actually, you can test with:
INT8 count          ' r16-SBYTE
INT16LE count          ' r16-SSHORT
UINT16LE count          ' r16-USHORT
INT32LE count          ' r16-SLONG, not XLONG
UINT32LE count          ' r16-ULONG
INT64LE count          ' r16-GIANT

I known of a David that would appreciate...

Bye, Guy

Re: Xblite version 2.41 revision 16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: March 22, 2017, 9:54am
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Hi D.

Please find attached: "Release note for xblite revision 16.zip".
You can find there some advices to install safely Xblite Revision 16.

Hope this helps.
Bye! Guy

Re: Xblite version 2.41 revision 16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: March 22, 2017, 9:53am
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Hi D.

In order to ease the implementation of Xblite's Unicode string support, I added 3 new keywords: CODE, GRAB and STRIP.

In a previous post, you asked me to write a short description of these new Xblite keywords.

Please find attached CODE_GRAB_STRIP.zip: description of CODE, GRAB and STRIP in the style of Xblite manual in attached CODE_GRAB_STRIP.zip.

They are .doc, described by MS Word as "Document Word 97-2003".

I believe you have a way to merge it to the Xblite manual: xblite_manual.chm.

Bye! Guy

Xblite version 2.41 revision 16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: March 22, 2017, 9:50am
1 (100.00%)
Hi D.! Hi Xbliters!

Please find attached xblite_v2_41_16.zip, which contains all the modified sources of Xblite 2.41 Revision 16.

xblite.x (the Xblite compiler source) handles properly the GRAB statement, which I used heavily to apply the QuickSort algorithm on chosen Xblite numeric and string types thanks to its text replacement capability.

I added some .BAT that helped me re-building compiler and libraries (Warning: I had to rename ".bat" to "_bat.txt" in order to be allowed to attach xblite_v2_41_16.zip).

Please note that I:

1.Commented and restructured the new code of xblite.x for peer review (yours, obviously).

2.Rewrote the STRIP algorithm, and succeeded to cut its execution time in half.

   On my pet program vxbl.x:
    to strip off a single FUNCTION, from 47,580 lines to 47,560 lines,
    duration was 43,578 milliseconds, and is now 19,437 milliseconds.


sqlite3 files and examples Posted by: XBLiteAdmin
Date Posted: November 17, 2016, 8:41am
1 (100.00%)
Attached are the sqlite3 libraries which can be used with xblite. There are also a few example programs using sqlite3 functions to create and manipulate records in a database.

Re: static lib Posted by: XBLiteAdmin
Date Posted: November 15, 2016, 12:35am
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It sounds like you need to make sure all of the xblite environment variables are set correctly.
This will ensure the compiler can find all the required files needed to link to libraries, either static or dynamic ones.
See example below:

Name                           Value
----                           -----
INCLUDE                     G:\xblite\include;G:\xblite\include;include
LIB                            G:\xblite\lib;G:\xblite\lib;lib
M4PATH                      G:\xblite\include;G:\xblite\include;include
XBLDIR                       G:\xblite

To check if the environment variables are correctly set, you can open a Command Prompt console and type SET, or
in Windows 10, from Run, enter Powershell, then type Get-ChildItem Env:

In Windows, to manually change/edit the environment variables, Open Control Panel > System & Security > System > Advanced System Settings and in the System Properties Dialog under Advanced tab, click on Environment Variables. From there you can see the current variables for xblite, which are INCLUDE, LIB, PATH, M4PATH, and XBLDIR.

Re: X SED Posted by: XBLiteAdmin
Date Posted: November 15, 2016, 12:07am
1 (100.00%)
XSED is written in xblite. The source code is available to download with the xblite source code from the xblite.com website.


X SED Posted by: teslaXB
Date Posted: October 26, 2016, 10:25pm
1 (100.00%)
I have question about XSed editor.
i know that is based on SED by jose roca.
Is XSED written in XBlite ?
And if is ..is open source ?
And if is where i can found source code?

static lib Posted by: ly47
Date Posted: September 20, 2016, 9:44pm
1 (100.00%)
when compiling with static libs : IMPORT "xst_s.lib" IMPORT "xsx_s.lib" (benchmark.x)
Lots of errors.
But when changed to IMPORT "xst" IMPORT "xsx",  compiles fine.
I tried other examples that use static libs ,all the same errors.
Please help

Re: xblite.exe revision 2.41.16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: August 13, 2016, 2:08am
1 (100.00%)
Hi Xbliters,

I corrected a (rare) bug in the handling of GRABbed file paths.
Please, download the attached version of xblite.x, with the proper xst.dec that contains additional constants, such as $$ASCII, $$UTF16_LE...

Bye! Guy

Re: XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: June 12, 2016, 7:59pm
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Hi Xbliter.

I spend a whole week testing the GRAB and CODE statements.
I threw as many curveballs as I could think of, and they were to no avail.

Please find attached my latest version of XBLite compiler revision 16.

Bye! Guy

Re: XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: June 8, 2016, 9:26pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi Xbliter,

I succeeded to break the new GRAB directive!
The patch to correct the bug was just an IF condition change.

I uploaded the corrected xblite.x, so that you can get a chance to catch another corner case.

Bye! Guy

Re: XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: June 5, 2016, 4:16pm
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Hi Xbliters,

This is ASCII xblite compiler with 2 additional features:
1. CODE and END CODE, which injects assembler code by bulk-prependding with the keyword ASM
  CODE and END CODE are 2 new XBLite keywords (and therefore recognized by the XBLite compiler)

2.GRAB "file_to_grab", which is an IMPORT statement at pre-compilation time
  GRAB is _not_ a new XBLite keyword but a pre-processing directive.

Note that GRABbing an assembler source file will insert the assembler source between a pair of (CODE, END CODE) for proper compilation.

Bye! Guy

Re: xblite.exe revision 2.41.16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: May 2, 2016, 11:48am
1 (100.00%)
Dear Xbliters,

The compiler xblite version 2.41 revision 16 must be installed
in order to compile revision 17, which handles Unicode.

However, revision 16 offers new possibilities for GoAsm code
injection; as a for instance, here is how I emulated (for fun) the
standard function XstCopyMemory (sourceAddr, &dest$, bytes) in
xblite.x revision 17 (compilable with revision 16):

               ' r17-XstCopyMemory (sourceAddr, &dest$, bytes)

' r17-assume a 32 bit processor
     mov     ecx,[EmitString.bytes]      ; byte count
     jecxz > .is_zero32_end              ; LEN(source$) == 0

     mov     esi,[EmitString.sourceAddr] ; source string
     mov     edi,[EmitString.dest$]      ; destination string

     shr     ecx,2
     jecxz > .is_zero32_01     ; LEN(source$) <= 3
     rep movsd                    ; 32-word shuffle

     mov     ecx,[EmitString.bytes]
     and     ecx,3
     jecxz > .is_zero32_end
     rep movsb                    ; the very last bytes


I believe that Coders such as bushpilot and gentski will
appreciate the convenience of this CODE statement, drawn
from my needs as an assembler Noob.

The GRAB statement was also great help in xsx.x in order to
generate "typed" quick sort routines from a single "grabbed"

However, I would appreciate if you put it to the test as I can't
cover all the regressions, in spite of my heavy duty testing.

Happy xbliting!
Bye! Guy

Re: Creating .dec Posted by: XBLiteAdmin
Date Posted: March 2, 2016, 11:31pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi Peters,

Did the DLL come with any library or header files (perhaps C files?). You need to match the correct TYPE definitions for variables in the DLL functions. Otherwise, data is not aligned correctly. You may want to post the .dec file you created.


Re: Creating .dec Posted by: Peters
Date Posted: January 12, 2016, 10:22pm
1 (100.00%)
I have managed to create .dec file by following other threads.
All seemed to be working ok, until some off my numeric variables were going completely haywire.
I remembered this happening last time, and again someone gave me a fix. PLEASE PLEASE help me as I have no idea what to do to resolve it.

Creating .dec Posted by: Peters
Date Posted: December 26, 2015, 11:04pm
1 (100.00%)
Several years ago I asked for help to use a dll file called inpout32.dll (Control Parallel Port)  by creating a dec file. My request was answered and fulfilled rapidly. Thank you
Well here I am again, and with the loss of parallel ports I need to change my program to use a USB port. I have found (But not yet bought) some hardware called VELLEMAN KIT K8055N USB Experiment Interface Board Electronics Kit, and with it is supplied dll named K8055D.dll. can you help me by preferably creating the required dec and lib files please.
Please ask if more info required.

Re: XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: October 21, 2015, 2:34pm
1 (100.00%)
21 October 2015

Dear Xbliter,

Please find here revision 17, a pre-revision of a Unicode Revision
18 (XBLite's Unicode support).


  Source          Description
  =============   ===========================================
- xblite.x      - Source formated for a bulk-change
- xblibcc.asm   - STRING concatenate routine (Unicode-ready)
- xst.x         - New STRING types + BOM codes
                  $$STRING == $$ASCII
- xst.dec       - To replace the xst.dec generated by xst.x's
                  compilation (maintenance comments)
- XFORMAT.x     - Corrected 2 bugs
                  Added format code '0' to right-justify numbers
- xblib.lib     - Has corrected FUNCTION FORMAT$()
- xsx.x         - Added
                  . XstUnicodeLen()
                  Emulates WinAPI lstrlenW in order to be
                  WinAPI-free and Revision 18-ready
                  . XstGetFileBOM()
                  Detects the Byte Order Mask of a file
                  . XstGetStringTypeBOM()
                  Gets the Byte Order Mask of a string type (NEW)
- bulk_change.x - global code substitution (for your eyes only)

I'm not quite ready to offer a beta version of Unicode compilation
as I'm workin on some corner cases, and I would prefer to work
from a stable pre-revision as I'm planning to port xblite.x thru a
global code substitution (already working: bulk_change.x).

In the mean time, I'm sending you this revision as an anticipation
of Revision 18.

Guy "GL" Lonné

xblite.exe revision 2.41.16 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: September 16, 2015, 12:22am
1 (100.00%)
Hi Xbliters,

As you know, I would like to release a pre-Unicode revision of the XBLite compiler.

Please find attached xblite_2_41_16.zip.

- Make a backup copy of all files of folder C:\xblite\bin\ to C:\xblite\bin\bak\
- Create a folder xblite_2_41_16
- Unzip xblite_2_41_16.zip into the new folder
(Extracts xblite.x and the other files)
- Rename CompileXbite.txt CompileXbite.bat
- Use CompileXbite.bat to recompile
- Copy xblite.exe into C:\xblite\bin\

New features:
- CHAR type: in ASCII mode, CHAR <=> UBYTE, CHAR() <=> UBYTE(), CHARAT <=> UBYTEAT().
- (CODE, END CODE) for GoAsm code injection.
- GRAB statement: sort of COBOL's COPY REPLACING ==text1== BY ==text2==:

Usage of GRAB:
In WinX.x, I replaced m4_include(`accessors.m4') by GRAB "accessors\\*.x"

1.GRAB ".\\accessors\\declare.x"        ' "$1" := "BINDING"
2.GRAB ".\\accessors\\declare02.x"
' "$1" := "BINDING"
' OMIT FUNCTIONs "_ActiveId", "_Get_idMin"

The 1st GRAB imports file .\\accessors\\declare.x replacing all $1 by BINDING.
The 2nd GRAB imports file .\\accessors\\declare02.x replacing all $1 by BINDING, but not only:
it remvoves the FUNCTIONs BINDING_ActiveId and BINDING_Get_idMin, which are not needed.

I believe this will promote code reuse, and a snippet production.

Bye! Guy.

Re: Installing on Windows 7 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: September 15, 2015, 9:06am
1 (100.00%)
Hi Geof,

Since I had some trouble with viXen's installation program that pointed to my drive D:,
I re-installed the entire xblite workbench on drive C:.

I reverted xblite's installation to C: because I was experiencing troubles with no sound reasons:
viXen's install procedure at SourceForge was pointing to D:!

If you are using another drive than C:, I suggest you also revert you installation to the C drive.

Don't forget to run again C:\xblite\bin\install.exe to update Windows registry, so that the environment variables point to C:.

Sorry for hinting you that D: was a good idea to host xblite, but I do use my mistakes to learn a little bit more.

Bye! Guy

Re: XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: December 15, 2014, 9:56pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi Xbliters,

I need your input to test a Unicode support pre-release. All changed sources are in the attached file "xblite release 7.zip".

Dr Morphy says: "Make a backup copy of your C:\xblite directory because resetting your XBLite workbench is bound to go from bad to catastrophic!"

I suggest that you copy "C:\xblite" to "C:\xblite_old" before rebuilding a new C:\xblite.

Then,recompile all your own programs and check that this new release does not break anything.
Please, try to make me a full report on anything that smells fishy: XBLite source, expected results compared to the broken results.

I'm new to this compiler business and I hope that this pre-release will teach me valuable lessons.
Thank you for your cooperation, I'll sure can use your feedback.

Bye! Guy.

XBLite Release 17 Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: December 15, 2014, 9:50pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi Xbliters,

I need your input to test a Unicode support pre-release. All is packaged in the attached file XBLite Release 17.zip.

Bye! Guy.

Re: Vixen Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: August 15, 2014, 9:15pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi David,

Attached is your iXen project taxcalculator.vxn; enjoy!

Bye Guy

Re: Vixen Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: August 15, 2014, 3:41pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi David,

I decided that static fields would keep their initial value; so viXen does not generate a global handle.

1.You can override viXen's default behaviour by checking menu option Options/Generation/All Handles Global
2.You can also use WinAPI SetDlgItemTextA (hwndDlg, $$..., &text$)
3.My prefered solution is to add an edit field and to prevent any User Entry with style $$ES_READONLY

Bye! Guy

PS. I reversed your XBLite code to a viXen project that I can post for you here if you'd like to review it.

Re: Which programming language do you like most? Posted by: MrWrite
Date Posted: June 3, 2014, 2:23am
1 (100.00%)
I like BASIC, but no real preference to which version.
BASIC allows me to do quick file changes without a lot
of coding.
I often need to do things like, Grab all the words in a file, sort them alphabetically,
then list each word only once. (This generates the vocabulary of a a text.) Or similar
things like converting a text list to HTML tables.

I am now exploring xblite because I need more speed for the complex problems.
One of my efforts took over three months of computing time (running WIN2000 at 2.5 ghz).

I have a "TEST model running that should be done in four/five days right now.

Ah, to dream of the day I could just "throw money at the project" instead of learning
other languages.

I know Pascal, various BASICs, Javascript, Java, and I remember COBOL and ForTran.
I used to know C.

Re: MakeDEC Posted by: Carry
Date Posted: May 2, 2014, 5:36am
1 (100.00%)
Happy to hear that it worked for you Watchmann.

My program relies on freeware utilities written by expert C/C++ programmers (mcpp & ctags). They take away a lot of the pain in converting code to XBLite. Even so, it's still not very straightforward. The problem is that there are so many variations in the way people write their C/C++ headers.

Some conversions, MakeDEC will do a good job, others not good at all, but I think it can still be improved to a point where it's helpful in most cases.

Re: MakeDEC Posted by: the_watchmann
Date Posted: April 29, 2014, 11:08am
1 (100.00%)
Thanks Gary
I am impressed. I sat working on the Sqlite3.h file, manually converting it to a dec file in my spare time as I needed it for an Xbasic program I was writing in Linux. Came across this utility today and tested it and seems to work great. three weeks of converting (without getting finished) in my spare time  and you did it in seconds! Sigh. When will I ever learn. Great utility. Will let you know if I find anything buggy while working on my database.

Thanks again, Gary


Re: Vixen Posted by: the_watchmann
Date Posted: April 9, 2014, 10:09am
1 (100.00%)
Hi Guy
Good to hear from you again.
Would you like to have the full source or just the relevant functions? Where do I upload to?


I've uploaded the source file to my google drive. Link above.

It's a local tax calculator, so nothing fancy, but wow. I still haven't been able to figure out how to make the static control (label) editable...


Re: Vixen Posted by: Guy1954
Date Posted: April 6, 2014, 1:29pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi David "The Watchman".

Since viXen is User-driven, I welcome any feature request.
Please, post here your viXen project, along with your expended source and I will study a way to simplify your life as a Vixener.

Anyway, thanks for a good User feedback.

Bye! Guy

Re: Vixen Posted by: the_watchmann
Date Posted: March 26, 2014, 3:32pm
1 (100.00%)
Hi Cally

Nope, not working either. Though somehow I figure it should...
I have changed the STATIC control to EDIT and now it works... Only problem is that the result is editable.
WapiSetText is a function created by vixen to make it easier to set the text in the editbox. If Guy does get around to the forum, I'm sure he will be checking in on this, once he reads/ if he gets to read it. And knowing me, the answer is somewhere in the code, ready to bite me on the nose...

Anyway, thanks. I had forgotten about SendMessageA.


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