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Posted by: Guy1954, December 15, 2014, 9:50pm
Hi Xbliters,

I need your input to test a Unicode support pre-release. All is packaged in the attached file XBLite Release

Bye! Guy.
Posted by: Guy1954, December 15, 2014, 9:56pm; Reply: 1
Hi Xbliters,

I need your input to test a Unicode support pre-release. All changed sources are in the attached file "xblite release".

Dr Morphy says: "Make a backup copy of your C:\xblite directory because resetting your XBLite workbench is bound to go from bad to catastrophic!"

I suggest that you copy "C:\xblite" to "C:\xblite_old" before rebuilding a new C:\xblite.

Then,recompile all your own programs and check that this new release does not break anything.
Please, try to make me a full report on anything that smells fishy: XBLite source, expected results compared to the broken results.

I'm new to this compiler business and I hope that this pre-release will teach me valuable lessons.
Thank you for your cooperation, I'll sure can use your feedback.

Bye! Guy.
Posted by: Guy1954, October 21, 2015, 2:34pm; Reply: 2
21 October 2015

Dear Xbliter,

Please find here revision 17, a pre-revision of a Unicode Revision
18 (XBLite's Unicode support).


  Source          Description
  =============   ===========================================
- xblite.x      - Source formated for a bulk-change
- xblibcc.asm   - STRING concatenate routine (Unicode-ready)
- xst.x         - New STRING types + BOM codes
                  $$STRING == $$ASCII
- xst.dec       - To replace the xst.dec generated by xst.x's
                  compilation (maintenance comments)
- XFORMAT.x     - Corrected 2 bugs
                  Added format code '0' to right-justify numbers
- xblib.lib     - Has corrected FUNCTION FORMAT$()
- xsx.x         - Added
                  . XstUnicodeLen()
                  Emulates WinAPI lstrlenW in order to be
                  WinAPI-free and Revision 18-ready
                  . XstGetFileBOM()
                  Detects the Byte Order Mask of a file
                  . XstGetStringTypeBOM()
                  Gets the Byte Order Mask of a string type (NEW)
- bulk_change.x - global code substitution (for your eyes only)

I'm not quite ready to offer a beta version of Unicode compilation
as I'm workin on some corner cases, and I would prefer to work
from a stable pre-revision as I'm planning to port xblite.x thru a
global code substitution (already working: bulk_change.x).

In the mean time, I'm sending you this revision as an anticipation
of Revision 18.

Guy "GL" Lonné
Posted by: Guy1954, June 5, 2016, 4:16pm; Reply: 3
Hi Xbliters,

This is ASCII xblite compiler with 2 additional features:
1. CODE and END CODE, which injects assembler code by bulk-prependding with the keyword ASM
  CODE and END CODE are 2 new XBLite keywords (and therefore recognized by the XBLite compiler)

2.GRAB "file_to_grab", which is an IMPORT statement at pre-compilation time
  GRAB is _not_ a new XBLite keyword but a pre-processing directive.

Note that GRABbing an assembler source file will insert the assembler source between a pair of (CODE, END CODE) for proper compilation.

Bye! Guy
Posted by: Guy1954, June 8, 2016, 9:26pm; Reply: 4
Hi Xbliter,

I succeeded to break the new GRAB directive!
The patch to correct the bug was just an IF condition change.

I uploaded the corrected xblite.x, so that you can get a chance to catch another corner case.

Bye! Guy
Posted by: Guy1954, June 12, 2016, 7:59pm; Reply: 5
Hi Xbliter.

I spend a whole week testing the GRAB and CODE statements.
I threw as many curveballs as I could think of, and they were to no avail.

Please find attached my latest version of XBLite compiler revision 16.

Bye! Guy
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