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Posted by: noel001, May 8, 2012, 9:01am
Which programming language do you like most?

And why?
Posted by: Guy1954, May 29, 2013, 9:31am; Reply: 1
Hi Noel,
XBLite of course. Because I can experiment all my heart's contents and I can browse the library sources for code snippets.
During the last 2 years, I heavily coded in Java for an DP ingeneer diploma.
From 1979 to 2002, I've been coding in COBOL, which is still my favorite language.
I heavily coded in C from 1989 to 2000 and I enjoyed it.
BTW, I'm working on XBLite's UTF-16 support so try to see if you want to port your GUI apps to Unicode.
Bye! Guy
Posted by: MrWrite, June 3, 2014, 2:23am; Reply: 2
I like BASIC, but no real preference to which version.
BASIC allows me to do quick file changes without a lot
of coding.
I often need to do things like, Grab all the words in a file, sort them alphabetically,
then list each word only once. (This generates the vocabulary of a a text.) Or similar
things like converting a text list to HTML tables.

I am now exploring xblite because I need more speed for the complex problems.
One of my efforts took over three months of computing time (running WIN2000 at 2.5 ghz).

I have a "TEST model running that should be done in four/five days right now.

Ah, to dream of the day I could just "throw money at the project" instead of learning
other languages.

I know Pascal, various BASICs, Javascript, Java, and I remember COBOL and ForTran.
I used to know C.
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