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XBLite v2.41 Released
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September 13, 2010, 4:11am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator
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A new version XBLite, v2.4.1, has been released
and is available for download from the XBLite


or download directly from:


XBLite for Windows
What's New

- Exception functions (XstTry) have been rewritten to handle floating point exceptions.

- XSED v1.31 released.

- Added XstSequentialParse$, XstBMSearch, and XstRemoveExcessDelimiters$ to Xsx library.

- DEC files can now use IMPORT statement (recursively).

- Programs which use m4 now export the preprocessed file as myfile_static.x.

- The compiler now checks the use of VOID as a function return value and provides an
   error when a VOID function attempts to return a value.

- Added 25 gdiplus demos in \demo\gdiplus\ folder.

- Added demos dlgtemplate.x, stickyedge.x, udt.x, rot13.x, makemultifolders.x, floatexception.x,
   xsttry.x, consolemouse.x, version.x, and underflow.x.

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XBLite Forum    General Boards    News and Announcements  ›  XBLite v2.41 Released

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