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Rhett Thompson
September 25, 2008, 1:19am Report to Moderator Report to Moderator

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This is a new minor release of gxml, that addresses several bugs as well as add new features.  There is also a major performance increase (about ~9%), which is always good

Quoted Text

9-10-08 :: 2.4 :: The parser has been completely rewritten, and is both faster and more efficient.

9-15-08 :: 2.4 :: Removed XmlGetNodePoolAddress () as the equivalent can be achieved with XmlGetNodeAddress (). Modified XmlGetChild () to retrieve anonymous children (request by Spyke).  Colons are now aloud in node names, to facilitate for namespaces. Had to modify XmlGetChildFromPath () to use an '|' instead of a colon, so it wouldn't interfere with namespaces.

9-23-08 :: 2.4 :: Renamed some constants. Added XmlInit() which adds the default entities.  The root node is now added immediately after XmlEvent_Start is fired, and no longer in XmlDrop().  This fixes a problem with an event driven XML application (found out the hard way).

9-24-08 :: 2.4 :: Fixed a bug in XmlCompile() where indention wasn't getting added correctly. Added support for namespaces.  Attributes can now have instances. Modified XmlGetAttribute$ () to behave like XmlGetChild () for retrieving attributes when you don't know the name.  Removed XmlAttributeExist () as it is no longer needed. New manual!

Grab it from the Google Group using Chrome if you want

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